Community Resources Development

Primary program funding is very limited in scope, and doesn’t allow us the flexibility to meet all of the diverse needs of our children, youth and families. Because of the gap in funding this creates, we have established a Community Resources Development department that is dedicated to partnering with our community to ensure that everyone in our care has their individual needs met, and are given every opportunity and/or resource needed to overcome barriers to their success. Within our Community Resources Development department, we have two teams of staff who focus on reaching out and partnering with our community--the Community Engagement Team and the Resources Engagement Team.


  • Create and expand linkage between our youth and families and the larger community
  • Develop resources to meet needs which are not covered by primary funding sources
  • Serve as a conduit for individuals and organizations to become positively involved in the lives of our local children, youth and families, and become advocates on their behalf
  • Establish alternative revenue sources which will allow for us to expand and develop new programs and establish fiscal longevity without relying on public funding

Coummunity Engagement Team

The Community Engagement Team focuses on connecting individuals, businesses and/or organizations to our mission through different opportunities, such as:

  • Interning provides students the opportunity to gain experience with high-needs children, youth and families, helping students gain valuable knowledge of the Human Service Industry while earning a wage and/or college credits.
  • Mentoring allows community members to develop mentoring relationships with our youth who are in need of stable, caring adult role models in their lives.
  • The team also recruits and supports volunteers from the community who wish to partner with us by being a tutor, education navigator, career mentor, or administrative or event volunteer.


The Family Care Network began recruiting Interns in 1990, and has had 597 since that time. Interns work directly with our youth and families, help support our staff and participate in our events.

2019/2020 OUTCOMES

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A Mentor’s Story

Mentoring with the Family Care Network has been an amazing experience; so much so that I can’t imagine stopping even though my year commitment is complete. When I first decided to volunteer with children, I didn’t know exactly what to expect. I knew I liked kids, but was afraid that they wouldn’t like me. And I had no idea if I could legitimately be called a patient or flexible person. But after mentoring a 14 year old girl for 12 months, I feel like I've learned a ton, especially about who I am as a person.

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2019/2020 OUTCOMES

Successful Mentor Matches


We began recruiting mentors in 2001 and made our first client/mentor match on November 14, 2001. Since this time, our Mentor Program has been very successful as represented by the following:

  • 341 mentors have been recruited and trained
  • 300 matches have been made
  • 227 have completed their mentorship commitment
  • 17 are currently ongoing


Since our inception, we have relied heavily upon the compassion and generosity of our community. Without devoted volunteers—individuals, businesses and organizations—who give their time, resources and skills to help us care for our children, youth and families, we would not be able to achieve our mission.

2019/2020 OUTCOMES

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Resources Engagement Team

Our Resources Engagement Team works with our community to increase awareness, advocacy and fundraising efforts on behalf of our community’s most vulnerable. We also partner with the community to provide goods and services for families and youth, as well as develop alternative sources of revenue for the agency through fundraising events, service-related enterprise, major giving, and endowment and planned giving opportunities so that we can expand and develop our programs and establish fiscal longevity.

Why I Support Family Care Network: A Donor Testimony

Several years ago, my wife Leanne and I began looking for a local charity to work with. We had come to a crossroads in our lives where we were ready to start giving back to our community. The method we had pursued previously for charitable donations/contributions was no longer something we felt strongly about. We attended our first Benefit for Kids Event and we were moved upon to begin to make Family Care Network a benefactor of our charitable support. It was clear from the testimonials we heard from those who had been blessed by support services rendered by Family Care Network that this was a great organization that helped improve the lives of the most at risk and vulnerable in our community. Since then, we have been supporters of Family Care Network, and we are blessed to be able to help further this great work.

Ryan Harris, Managing Attorney/Founder
Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc.