Community Resources Development

Primary program funding is often very limited in scope, and doesn’t allow us the flexibility to meet all of the critical needs of our children, youth, and families. Because of the gap in funding this creates, we have established a Community Resources Development department that is dedicated to partnering with our community to ensure that unmet needs do not become an obstacle to our youth and families’ progress in care. By enabling us to meet all needs, our donors, sponsors, volunteers, and supporters help to empower, heal, and remove barriers for those in our care. 

Through CRD we

  • Connect individuals, businesses and/or organizations to our mission through different opportunities
  • Expand community awareness, advocacy and financial support through individual relationships, committee development, and awareness campaigns and events
  • Generate alternative revenue sources which allow us to expand and develop new programs, establish fiscal longevity of the agency, and ensure that we fully meet the extensive needs of those in our care.
2020/2021 Impact
  • 585 donors gave to FCNI, raising $749,726 in support of our mission
    • Donations: $462,700.97
    • Grants: $287,025.02
  • 282 new donors joined us
    • 48% of all donors were new donors
  • 15 individuals joined our FAM monthly giving program 
    • 40% of all FAM donors were new donors
  • 64 volunteers helped raise support for our agency  
  • 100% of our clients benefitted from donated funds

Campaigns & Events

Benefit for Kids Event, August, 2020

44 guests attended our virtual live auction event and raised over $130,000 in support of our mission.

Give Joy Campaign, Holiday Season 2020

289 community members gifted us with over $170,000, helping us to gift 216 participating clients and 163 family members with gift cards to help them have a positive holiday experience. Remaining funds were used to meet client needs beyond the holidays.

Be the Difference Campaign, Spring 2021

143 community members gave over $91,000 to meet direct client needs like housing, academic, enrichment opportunities, therapeutic interventions, transportation, Covid-19-related expenses, and more.

Donor Funds Cover


Rent, utilities, furnishings, home repairs, car repairs, car down payments, public transportation, bicycle or other means of transportation expenses

Education/Career Support

Interview/school/job clothes, tuition/registration fees, books and school supplies expenses, training fees

Health and Wellness

Medical bills, dental bills, metal health treatment, prescriptions, special dietary supportRent, utilities, furnishings, home repairs

Enrichment Activities

Sports registration fees, sports/exercise equipment, gym memberships, summer/extracurricular camp registrations, outdoor recreation (fishing, swimming, boating, etc.), music lessons and instruments, materials and lessons for sewing and crafting, etc.

Supporting FCNI: A Donor Testimony

Giving back!!  That's why we support Family Care Network. None of us have gotten where we are without help. It may have been a teacher, grandparent, neighbor, friend or even a stranger. Growing up in a dysfunctional, fatherless home, I can now see and be grateful for the help [I received] that supported my successes. It is our turn now! Helping our youth in need is an expression of gratitude for the help we've received."

- Mike and Shirley Ritter, Benefactors of FCNI's Journey Fund for Youth


Since our inception, we have relied heavily upon the compassion and generosity of our community. Without devoted volunteers--individuals, businesses and organizations--who give their time, resources and skills to help us care for our children, youth and families, we would not be able to achieve our mission.

2020/2021 impact

Event & Admin/Facilty Volunteers
Total Volunteer Hours